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About Sunseed Organics

About Sunseed Organics

An importer and wholesaler of organic fresh produce

Sunseed Organics is an importer and wholesaler of organic fruit and vegetables. The company delivers fresh organic produce to retail grocery shops, juice bars, farm shops, box schemes and organic food processors in London and across the South West of England, down as far as Penzance. Sunseed Organics also has customers in many other parts of the country, the organic fresh produce is palletised and sent on refrigerated transport.

Sunseed has grown in size and supplies other regional wholesalers and organic outlets in Birmingham, Manchester and Scotland, on a weekly basis. The company also offers an import service to other wholesalers to allow them to harness Sunseed's buying power if required. For more information click the following link; Volume Offers section.

Sunseed Organics is a licensee of the Soil Association and a member of its Catering Mark Scheme

A little bit of history...........

In October 1991 Sunseed's founder Russell Barker recognised the potential in offering locally grown organic produce from Devon to retail and box schemes on a wholesale basis.

As the customer base expanded to other parts of the South West, some of those new customers began to offer Sunseed their own organic produce. Soon Sunseed began to form a network of growers, many of whom still grow for the company today, providing the quality crops that our customers have come to expect.

Sunseed's philosophy is to buy as local as possible. When availability of local supplies are exhausted , sourcing moves further afield.

Today, Sunseed delivers daily in London and the home counties and to counties within the South West, regular deliveries are also made to the South Coast, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Sussex and other areas as the company continues to expand.

In January 2012 the company opened additional premises in Bristol  to enable a more flexible service to the growing number of customers that are located there. There is also a fresh fruit and vegetable cash and carry open to the public.

A year later the London premises was opened in West London, from here the company makes daily deliveries to a growing list of busy London customers.

Our organic products

Our current range includes vegetables, fruit, salads, mushrooms, herbs, sprouted seeds, eggs, cheese as and we are always researching new organic products to complement our existing lines.

Find out moreWant to find out more?

Whether you'd like to join our network of organic growers, or simply need more information about our products before you order, please feel free drop us a line.

Call us on 0117 300 5806 or alternatively you can fill in our enquiry form.

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